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Whether you...
~ Seek healing from physical, emotional or psychological trauma
~ Seek natural pain management techniques
~ Want to reach your full potential in your personal or professional life
~ Want answers to why it is that you have “blockages” that make it difficult for you to move forward in life
~ Suffer from addiction, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, overactive or underactive passion, frequent anger...


SCROLL DOWN for full descriptions of EFT and Reiki.

Andrea wants to help you heal.

Book your FREE 20 minute consultation below.


Single session price (75 min)


3-session package

$270 (save $15 or 5%)


5-session package

$442 (save $33 or 7%)


8-session package

$669 (save $91 or 12%)


12-session package

$969 (save $171 or 15% + free 45-min session)

FREE 20 minute consultation


New Client Special

30 minute Reiki FREE

60 minute Reiki $40

Single session price (75 min)


3-session package

$242 (save 5%)


5-session package

$395 (save 7%)

8-session package

$598 (save 12%)

12-session package

$867 (save 15% + free 45-min session for you or your animal friend)

FREE 20 minute consultation


Reiki Healing

A healing technique where the Reiki Master channels energy into the client to activate the natural healing processes of the client's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Andrea is an intuitive healer which has proven to be highly impactful for her clients.

What can Reiki be used for?

Reiki has been used for hundreds of years for more serious illnesses and dis-eases and for overall balance, well being, clarity, restoration and deep relaxation.

You do NOT need to be good at meditating to receive Reiki!


$85 / 75 minute session (includes consultation prior to healing, personalized playlist, and analysis post-healing)

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT provides relief from all manner of problems and conditions, often in startlingly quick time. Andrea asks appropriate questions regarding the client's background in order to access and clear the emotional root of the issue. Clients with any mental, emotional, spiritual or physical ailment will experience healing at the deepest level, clearing neural pathways associated with trauma that are "stuck" in the body. The EFT Practitioner gently guides you through tapping on meridian points to peel back the layers of old patterning that no longer serves you and your well-being.

Andrea is a seasoned EFT Practitioner who has helped hundreds of clients heal and are currently living the life they deeply desire; empowered with the tools they need to THRIVE.

What does freedom and pure joy feel like in YOUR body?


All sessions may be provided via Zoom or in person.

$95 / 75 minute session

Discounted packages available


20-Minute Consultation

Unsure of which modality would best fit your needs? A consultation will allow you the opportunity to talk with Andrea about your personal history, past traumas and/or present concerns that you would like to address. Andrea will then make recommendations based on your individual needs and desires for quality of life and healing.


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