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A Mothering Tip for 2021

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I have heard SO many times from friends and clients alike,

"I don't know how you do it. Your kids are happy, know they're loved, emotionally intelligent, intuitive, and they get to have YOU as parents."

"Whenever I see you with your kids, I see the contentment and authenticity in each of your eyes. It's magical. How do you have the energy to be the mom that you are, have a solid relationship with your partner AND run a small business?"

"Your kids are so lucky."

...and guess what? I'm not drained! I have learned after 10 years (so far) of trial and mistakes how to keep my cup full. I realized years ago that I, in fact, never lost my identity!

I have compiled wisdom teachings, self-love practices, self-care strategies, mothering tips and much more and put them into an online course: Motherhood.

An excerpt from Motherhood, the online course offered on

"When you’re starting to feel overwhelmed (again) with the daily duties of mothering, take a step back and ask, “Why?” Ask your higher self what would serve you most today. How can you nourish yourself? Nurture yourself? Even amidst the long days of giving, giving and more giving? Take a few minutes while your child is sleeping, safely playing independently, or with your partner to reevaluate what’s working and what’s not working. Look at it with a critical eye. How could you find self-care on a daily basis, a weekly or even a monthly basis? This is a beautifully doable way for you to give back to yourself as a mother. The mother who gives a couple hundred (or more) times per day for her child! Let’s find some accessible ways for you to replenish and renew. Let’s find some simple (maybe seemingly too simple!) ways to refill your cup so that you may find joy and contentment in YOUR life. And yes, your life does include your life as a mother! But you have many roles within motherhood. Perhaps many roles within the life that you lead. There is only ONE of you. So nourish that Self that is YOU at the seed of your heart. You. Are. Worth. It. So carve out those precious few minutes during your day in order to refresh the Doing and Being that creates your moments. For these are the moments you DO have. This breath...this breath...and this breath. Ready?...and breathe."

- Andrea Sullivan, Mother, Partner, Intuitive Healer, Certified Reiki, EFT Practitioner and Life Coach

Rediscover your identity. Learn simple techniques for refilling your cup. Come together with other mothers going through similar challenges.

Motherhood starts on Feb. 6th, 2021!

Enroll at:

Message us for more information:

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