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Were you taught self-love? Do you ever feel that you could live your best life if you JUST had the tools to get yourself there? You can crack the code to that most raw place within yourself that is holding so much right now…or how long has it been, really? Keep reading to learn how to be your own healer, just like I did!

Wow! I just finished up facilitating a 21-Day Self-Love Challenge in a private Facebook group setting and it is just beautiful to see so many of the participants begin to transform, heal and become more free individuals. I am truly humbled to be helping these lovely human beings and spirits on their journeys through this thing we call LIFE.

Why am I doing this? There are many reasons why. But, there’s something gratifying and dare I say…FUN about making a video every morning for others. I love that I have the opportunity to be vulnerable and open with Challenge participants and that by doing so, I am helping THEM be vulnerable and open with not only other members of the PRIVATE Facebook group, but with THEMSELVES. This folks, is how we can unlock the subconscious; crack the code to that most raw place within ourselves that is holding so much. This is how we can heal ourselves…

And I have the tools.

“Wait, what did she just say?” Yep, yep, yep! (Why yes, that is a quote from Ferngully…are you judging me right now?)

When you join a Challenge with me, you gain access to the following:

❤️ 14 daily posts with advice and wisdom teachings on Self-Love

🧡 14 daily Self-Love activities

💛 Access to Andrea Sullivan, Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Therapies Practitioner to answer your questions, provide guidance and be a nurturing support for you!

💚 “Ask the Coach” Weekly Q&A Sessions & Support Group via Zoom

💙 CommUNITY, Friendship, Fun and yes, LOVE💜


This is a Facebook Live video (click here to view) from Day 9 of a 21-Day Self Love Challenge I hosted! If you only watch a bit, check out…

2:40 for the healing powers experience with Rose Quartz…

4:30 BIG breakthrough re: FORGIVENESS in my dream…

7:22 me saying the “F” word because I’m just in awe at my ability to heal myself from past trauma!

12:57 I respond to a Challenge participant’s question about how to change negative self-talk from childhood…

Want to see how crystals and other gems from Mother Earth work for you? Book a consultation with me at: or treat yourself to a 14 or 21-day challenge with me at: I would LOVE to help guide you down your healing path and teach you how to be YOUR OWN healer. <3

You can grab your crystals and other healing gifts here: (I do NOT make royalties for these links. Just my gift to you!)

I know our paths will cross in one way or another. Reach out if you feel compelled. I would LOVE to hear from you.

In Love and Healing Light,

Andrea Sullivan <3

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